Thank You, For Everything

Well, my dear customers, our time together is near an end.  It’s been an amazing two years, and I can’t thank everyone enough. I’ve loved getting to know you all while spending my days surrounded by beautiful fabric in the heart of Columbia City – what a neighborhood! But, as many of you know, last January a wonderful job opportunity landed in my lap. I told myself then that I’d give it a year, and well, I still love it.

It’s been a challenge balancing a full time “real job,” the shop, and family. With my sweet boy, Jackson, in full toddler mode and his little sister due in May, it’s time to simplify things, which means closing this entrepreneurial chapter of my life.

All is not lost, however. With my help, the lovely Cynthia Mason will be opening a new fabric store in Burien. While a short drive south of the existing shop, she will have twice the amount of space, allowing her to offer regular sewing and knitting classes. She will also be expanding the fabric selection to include fashion fabrics, AND you can expect a lot more yarn. These are all good things!  Look for the grand opening of Town Square Fabric & Yarn sometime in early January. The website,, is coming soon, but you can already follow the new shop via Facebook.

Again, thank you everyone. It’s been an unforgettable experience.